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Through Floor Lifts

A Through Floor Lift is very similar to a Vertical Platform Lift but it allows the user to travel upwards through the floor for easy access. This type of Platform Lift provides options. It can be mounted on a load-bearing wall, installed in a shaft or operate completely free-standing. 

A wide range of Through Floor Lifts
Through Floor Lifts can be either hydraulic or traction application and travel up through as many as two floors. Inside the home, the latter option is more favoured as its remote control can be used to send the lift back upstairs and out of the way, leaving more room downstairs. The panel opening in the ceiling opens and closes after the lift passes through it.

Through Floor Lifts - So many BENEFITS
A Through Floor Lift is perfect for a wheelchair user to be able to gain direct access to an upper floor such as a bedroom, allowing the individual to be completely independent. Users who have difficulty using a conventional Stair Lift will find the Through Floor Lift a godsend. Individuals with mobility problems but who are not in a wheelchair can still use this lift as there are options for built-in seats.

Through Floor Lifts with maximum reliability
Each lift should possess an extremely impressive lift capacity and is fully serviced and well-maintained to give maximum reliability and sustained performance.

A through floor lift is a lift designed to allow wheelchair users to travel through the floors of a building and to access different levels. It is often installed in locations that cannot justify or accommodate the installation of a stair lift or similar type of disabled lift. They are found in the homes of many disabled people, and are an invaluable device in allowing the users to live a normal live and be limited as little as possible by their disability. It is ideal for a building that is relatively small and maximises available space. The most important things to consider when installing a through floor lift are safety and efficiency. These aspects are kept in mind when designing and installing the lift to ensure it operates correctly and the user is safe at all times.

The lift is basically a platform that travels between the floors of a building. A wheelchair is placed and secure on the platform, which often has gates to hold the wheelchair in place while it is travelling. Controls are installed on the platform and on the exit/entry points of the shaft. The lift is carefully designed to ensure the safety of passengers and to adhere to government safety regulations.

When considering the installation of a through floor lift, a professional will take precise measurement and estimate the expected load of the lift to provide a detailed quote and break down of costs involved when installing the lift. This will mean that the shaft is constructed to be entirely unique to it’s location, and made to perform its function to a high standard. Aspects such as colour and additional safety features such as alarm button and external power supply can be installed to create a lift that is customised to suit the users needs.

The ideal location to install a through floor lift would be in the home of a wheelchair user. It allows them to live freely in their own home, and dramatically improves their quality of life. People like this shouldn’t feel restricted, and shouldn’t have to be dependent on others or resort to living in a bungalow. The installation of a through floor lift allows them to live as normal a life as possible. It is also required by law that buildings have a method of disabled access, and in locations that cannot justify another form of transport, the through floor lift can be an ideal solution.