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For many people, mobility becomes a real problem as they begin to get older. This brings with it other problems; we all wish we could stay independent in our own homes for the rest of our lives and that we could continue to do the things we’ve always done.  However, when going up stairs becomes too painful to do with any regularity or speed then we have to reconsider whether we can be as independent as we want to be.

Some people have downstairs bathroom facilities and enough space to move their bedroom downstairs as well, but for some people this just simply isn’t an option. Others may choose to move out into assisted living or into a bungalow where they would feel safer but, again, for many people, this really isn’t an option. However, there is a much cheaper and much easier solution which can help people with mobility problems to keep their independence and keep their home as well; a stair lift.

Stair lifts became really popular about ten years ago; you probably remember all the adverts which suddenly seemed to appear everywhere with ageing celebrities and TV. stars trying to get us to invest in one of the chairs which, we were told, could make a huge difference to our lives as we get older. The adverts weren’t wrong and now thousands of people buy stair lifts every year as a way of trying to make their lives easier; for a long time there was an almost stigma-like aura attached to them, they were treated, perhaps, like a bit of a joke, but this certainly not the case anymore and now they are recommended as a viable solution to people with mobility problems. Of course, they aren’t for everyone and there are certain things which need to be looked into before you take the plunge into buying one.

Firstly, stair lifts are really only for people who still have a limited amount of mobility- when using a stair lift you need to be able to safely lower yourself into the chair and then raise yourself out of it at the other end- for people who are permanently wheelchair bound or those who do not have the level of mobility which a stair lift requires to be operated to the right degree of safety, a home lift may well be a better, if not more expensive, solution to mobility problems.

There has often also been a stigma surrounding stair lifts that they are merely for the old, and this is most certainly not true more and more people are now taking advantage of them and making vast improvements to their lives.  People can often have decreased mobility for a temporary amount of time due to some sort of unfortunate accident or injury and the renting of a stair lift can make a huge difference to these people’s lives.

One of the most important factors in recuperation and getting better after an accident is to be in familiar surroundings and get on with your normal routine- stair lifts offer the chance of this happening to more and more people because, if they are rented, they can offer temporary help to people when accessing the different floors of their home; recovery is made easier when we feel at home and stair lifts help us stay at home. 

Also, for those people who, sadly, have degenerative conditions which mean that their mobility may well get worse over time- stair lifts offer a great stop-gap solution and can really help with the transition from being able to walk up one’s own stairs to needing help to accomplish this. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about needing a stair lift, if it was good enough for Thora Hird, its good enough for you!

There are a plethora of companies out there who are just waiting for your custom and who are waiting to discuss the wide array of stair lifts which are now out ther eon the market; whether you want a straight or curving one, a basic one or one which offers a wealth of comfort, there will be something out there which is right for you. Also, companies recognise that investing in a stair lift is a huge financial commitment and, as such, you will find that many of them offer you special finance deals and credit schemes which can mean you can spread out the cost of what you are paying for. You should read any small print on such details carefully though, you don’t want to be landed with crippling repayments.

So, if you want to stay in your own home longer and keep your independence then you should certainly look into getting a stair lift; reading the following articles is a step in the right direction.

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