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How does a wheelchair hoist work?

Wheelchair hoists are the alternative to either a full on vehicle lift or a wheelchair platform lift. They are, once again, to help with the transporting of a mobility scooter or wheelchair and are designed to make stressful journey’s just that little bit easier. We can make our homes more accessible and our businesses easier to work in, but our cars only have a certain amount of space in them and that is what makes a hoist such a good choice; they are space-minimal but can do a very good job for you and take much of the weight, both proverbial and literal, out of your hands.  

There are different types of hoist designed to work with the different weights of wheelchair and thus you will need to know the specifications of the model you have before you are able to obtain a quote or enter into a discussion with any company regarding getting yourself a wheelchair hoist. Once you have this information you will be able to get into discussions about prices, about how best to use a hoist and whether or not your circumstances really suit one. Don’t worry if they don’t, there are a plethora of other alternatives out there for you.

Wheelchair Lift Information Guide: