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Cherry Pickers, because of their cute and funny name perhaps, are one of the most undervalued mechanical systems that we currently have. They are actually sophisticated hydraulic lifting arms which allow people to do many essential jobs which would otherwise be impossible and, if these jobs such as telephone wire restoration could not be done, our lives in the 21st Century world would simply not be able to continue as we have come to expect them to.

The rather unusual name is thought to come from the fact that the invention was first made to help people who were working in the orchards; the lifting arm helped them to reach their fruit which they were straining towards- it is not thought they were exclusively used for picking cherries- but perhaps apple picker or pear picker didn’t have quite the effect which the inventor was looking for. So, cherry picker it was- and still is in fact.

The Cherry Picker works on the idea of hydraulics- an incompressible liquid is used to either raise up the arm or to lower it again; hydraulics is explained in many different places on this website but it essentially is based around the idea that it takes as much force to lift a small object a short distance as it does to lift a large object over a larger distance- this technology means that people can be raised up on a fairly small platform, by a fairly small arm, and can stay there for as long as they need to in order to complete certain tasks.

Cherry Pickers are used in all types of different industries and in all types of different jobs, from street-light repairs to municipal renovations such as telephone wires and cables; sometimes they are used by the fire service as well as a quicker alternative to putting up a ladder.

Cherry Pickers come in all different shaped and sizes and, if you are thinking that your business could benefit from one, then you really need to sit down and examine all the different possibilities which there are and then decide on one which you think would be best for you.

There are mobile cherry pickers which come with their own wheels so they can be dragged or towed and some even come with their own steering system so that you can drive them to a job or around on a building site.  However, these are naturally more expensive and, as the next bit of information should hopefully reveal to you, they may very well not be needed and could turn out to be a useless investment. This is because there are smaller versions of cherry pickers available which would fit onto the back of a truck- these are probably the types which you see around town most often. This means that you only need to purchase the hydraulic lifting arm and the bucket- you can attach them to a vehicle which you already own! This could end up saving you money and, if you have more than one vehicle, it could also mean that there is more flexibility as to who can use the cherry picker and where they can use it as well.

The cherry picker can be controlled in one of two ways and this adds further flexibility to how it can be used and the tasks which it can be used to accomplish. They are obviously great for elevating people to jobs they may well not have been able to reach before but, excitingly, they can also be used to elevate heavy loads to different levels as well. This makes them perfect for building sites or warehouses where the installation of a goods lift may well not be feasible or could be too expensive.

The cherry picker has two sets of controls, one at the bottom and one in the raised table or bucket itself. The latter controls allow the person being lifted to operate it themselves and means it can be a one man show if need be but, the controls at the bottom mean that there is no need to have a person in the cherry picker at all- goods can be transported in it and the direction in which they are took can be dictated by a person at the bottom. Such a wealth of different uses has meant that demand for cherry pickers is very high and thus, if you are wanting to get one, there will be a lot of companies out there who are willing to trade with you.

Arm yourself with knowledge first, read these articles and then go off and do your own research as well- then you should be ready to pick the ripest price you can and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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