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How long does it take to become a forklift operator?

As with many questions of this nature, there is not a simple and regulated answer which can be given here.  There are many different types of training which can be undertaken and thus, as such, it is hard to say how long it will take someone.

Many people don’t do training fulltime for example, they fit in their training around their current work commitments, particularly if it is their work which is paying for the training and thus this can clearly take much longer than someone who is training fulltime and doing it every day. There are also different training courses which can be undertaken depending on the industry which you will end up working on and on the sort of forklift which you ultimately want to be able to drive;  it can take from a year to considerably longer and all these variables will play a part.

There are also training schemes which are there to refresh people who maybe haven’t done it for a while; these can also be vital to keep your staff safe throughout the time they are employed by you.

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