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I don’t know about all you lot at home but, for us here, there really is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than, after a hard day at work or looking after the kids, to come home to a nice bath and have a good soak to cleanse away the stresses and the troubles of the day. Nearly all of us will probably feel like this is true and yet, as we get older, or our mobility decreases for whatever reason- perhaps as the result of an unfortunate accident or injury- bathing can become a painful and upsetting chore rather than the gorgeous experience which it is designed to be.

Many people struggle to get in and out of their conventional baths but they feel, particularly in these difficult economic times, that they wouldn’t be able to stretch to the cost of having an entirely new bathroom suite fitted just to include an easy-access bath in it. Well, help is at hand for these people, and for you if you are one of the many who suffer in silence, as bath lifts can now provide a wonderful alternative; an alternative which allows you to keep your current bathroom suite but which also allows you bathe with much more ease and comfort. 

Inflatable Bath Lifts are really one of those simple inventions which, once you’ve heard about it, make you think “wow, why didn’t I think of that!” Essentially, the inflatable section goes in the bath and some controls which remain on the outside of the ‘tub’ dictate whether air is fed in or bled out from the inflatable section; this means that the inflatable bath lift can be inflated so that a person can ease themselves onto it and then lowered until the person is in the bath; once the person has done bathing they can ease themselves out again by simply reversing the procedure- it really is that simple.

For many people, who may not even be that old and who probably still have much of their mobility left, getting in and out of the bath can be a struggle because of lack of upper body strength, or because of arthritis or back pain- an inflatable bath lift can change all that.

Having said that, bath lifts are not for everybody- clearly a certain degree of mobility is still necessary if a person is going to hoist themselves onto the seat and then control the lift once they are sat in the bath- for people with severe mobility problems or for those who are permanently wheelchair-bound then a disabled access bath or indeed some form of hoist would probably be the best solution- bath lifts are for people who just need that little bit of extra help getting in and out of the bath.

One of the main problems which arise when people are deciding whether to invest in a bath lift or not is that they travel about a lot. They are mainly considered and purchased by older people who may well be retired and may thus spend a lot of their free time either travelling around visiting relatives or going on holidays- clearly both should be relaxing and enjoyable times but, at the back of the mind, there may always be the niggling knowledge of the pain which will occur when a bath is attempted. However, there is a simple solution to this, many bath lifts are portable. This means that you can take them anywhere you want and enjoy a nice relaxing bath wherever you happen to be; that being said you still need to be in a physical condition where carrying a bath lift about will not be a chore- they aren’t the lightest nor the easiest of things to transport about.

Changing ones entire bathroom suite is simply not an option for a lot of people and many people don’t want to admit that they are getting too old or too much in pain to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. This is where a bath lift can come in- it’s so easy to operate that it’s fool proof and thus allows everyone to keep their independence and their ability to bathe alone but also, because it is completely safe, gives peace of mind and respite to loved ones who may be worried about a family member with increased mobility problems.

Take a look at the articles which can be found on this site, read through them all then navigate your way through the waters of buying your very own bath lift. They are a much cheaper alternative to a new bath and they can save you so much time and effort that you really will wonder how you managed without one. Bath times will soon be relaxing and rejuvenating once again!

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